September Interview Ideas

Sometime pitching media with these easy monthly or weekly events is the perfect way to get yourself on the radio! Focus this on what the listeners will learn – and pitch your local media! September is: National Self-Care Awareness Month* Better Breakfast Month – Any Nutritionists want a ton of Free PR??? This is a…

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August HOT Interview Topics for Radio and TV

Here is the Interview Club’s list of Hot Media Topics for August! You can use these topics to get yourself booked on Radio and TV shows for free publicity. PLEASE NOTE This is not a complete list of every event going on. I only share ones I think most mainstream media would love to share…

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Meet Team Give'r – Ryan & Ken Local Amazing Racers!

You have probably heard or see Ryan and Ken if you live in Rossland, BC. Ryan is the events coordinator at Red Resort and has been on our radio show lots over the winter. Ken works at Gabriella's at Red. We reached them by phone to discuss how they made it on the Amazing Race.…

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How to Write Your First Business Book (audio interview)

Six out of ten business people say they want to write a book. About ten percent of those start one. Less than one percent finish. In today's Motivational Interview I have a book insider who shares the secrets to writing your first book….and it might include using a ghostwriter! To help us understand the moving…

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HOT Media Topics for the Month of June!

If you are an expert -the easiest way for you to get publicity on radio and TV is by using the monthly calendar to discuss your topic. Every month is a different specialty month – plus we have specialty weeks and even days! If you can discuss any of these topics and entertain listeners too…

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